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Hello all! As I finally have the Internet and it's not going any where, I figured I should update since apparently I haven't since last July... Sorry!
As for what's been going on, I've finally moved out of my mothers house and into my own, with two house mates - AV and Shads - and it's going well so far. No sign of a house warming party yet but that will come when the house gets sorted out, ATM there's stuff everywhere!
I'm screenings co-ord for Manifest again this year, so I've been kept busy with that. You have no idea how much work goes into putting a convention together!
I have discovered the grand world of torrents and have about 12 torrents set to go when it hits off-peak time.
At Animania Melbourne, my cosplay group won 'Best Group Cosplay' -  not that it was hard. We were Group 3 of four. We were a Tsubasa group with the main four characters - Quarnz as Kurogane, Matt as Shaoran, Leanne as Sakura and me as Fai - The othe three groups were all Naruto. Like I said, not hard to win! Plus it didn't hurt that we paired off into the main pairings because in real life we are!
Um... I think that's all I have to say at the moment... I'll update more often now, I promise!

Ja Ne!
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